KC Wedding Photographer: Ben & Allison


Ben and Allison were my very 1st Kansas City Wedding for 2014 and it was amazing! I am so excited for what this year has in store and it started out with a fabulous wedding! Remember Ben and Allison’s adorable engagement session? Ben and Allison are such a joy to be around as well as their family and friends! My 2nd shooter Jen and I had a blast with everyone! The day started out beautiful, and then out of no where, the wind chill picked up and it turned freezing outside, but this group made it through and were true troopers! Way to go everyone!:)The day was so beautiful and I loved how it all came together with all of the little details that Ben and Allison had through out their decor and day! Thank you Ben and Allison for an Fabulous 1st 2014 Kansas City wedding! You two are amazing together! Enjoy! 

kcweddingphotographer-1 kcweddingphotographer-2 I LOVED her flowers! Aren’t they beautiful!?  kcweddingphotographer-3 kcweddingphotographer-5 kcweddingphotographer-4 kcweddingphotographer-6 kcweddingphotographer-7 kcweddingphotographer-8 kcweddingphotographer-9 kcweddingphotographer-10 kcweddingphotographer-11 kcweddingphotographer-12 kcweddingphotographer-13 kcweddingphotographer-14 kcweddingphotographer-15 kcweddingphotographer-18 kcweddingphotographer-19 kcweddingphotographer-16 kcweddingphotographer-20 kcweddingphotographer-21 kcweddingphotographer-22 kcweddingphotographer-23 kcweddingphotographer-24 kcweddingphotographer-25 kcweddingphotographer-26 kcweddingphotographer-27 kcweddingphotographer-28 kcweddingphotographer-29 kcweddingphotographer-30 kcweddingphotographer-31 kcweddingphotographer-32 kcweddingphotographer-33 kcweddingphotographer-34 kcweddingphotographer-35 kcweddingphotographer-36 kcweddingphotographer-37 AHHH! Love these two!  kcweddingphotographer-38 kcweddingphotographer-39 kcweddingphotographer-41 kcweddingphotographer-42 kcweddingphotographer-43 kcweddingphotographer-44 We had some fun playing with Allison’s amazing veil in the wind, isn’t it beautiful?  kcweddingphotographer-45 kcweddingphotographer-46 Allison, you are stunning!  kcweddingphotographer-47 kcweddingphotographer-48 kcweddingphotographer-49 kcweddingphotographer-50 kcweddingphotographer-51 kcweddingphotographer-52 kcweddingphotographer-53 kcweddingphotographer-54 kcweddingphotographer-58 kcweddingphotographer-55 kcweddingphotographer-56 kcweddingphotographer-57 kcweddingphotographer-59 kcweddingphotographer-60 kcweddingphotographer-61 kcweddingphotographer-62 kcweddingphotographer-63 kcweddingphotographer-64 kcweddingphotographer-67 kcweddingphotographer-65 kcweddingphotographer-66 kcweddingphotographer-68 kcweddingphotographer-69 kcweddingphotographer-70 kcweddingphotographer-71 kcweddingphotographer-72 kcweddingphotographer-74 kcweddingphotographer-76 kcweddingphotographer-75 kcweddingphotographer-77 kcweddingphotographer-79 kcweddingphotographer-80 kcweddingphotographer-81 kcweddingphotographer-82 kcweddingphotographer-83 kcweddingphotographer-85 kcweddingphotographer-86 kcweddingphotographer-84 kcweddingphotographer-87 kcweddingphotographer-88 kcweddingphotographer-89 kcweddingphotographer-90 kcweddingphotographer-91 kcweddingphotographer-92 kcweddingphotographer-93 kcweddingphotographer-94 kcweddingphotographer-95 kcweddingphotographer-96 kcweddingphotographer-97 kcweddingphotographer-98 kcweddingphotographer-99 kcweddingphotographer-100 kcweddingphotographer-101


Wedding Ceremony Location: 2nd Baptist Church, Liberty MO

Wedding Reception Location: Mellon Banquet Hall 

Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas

Wedding Dress: San Patrick Novias from Ida’s Bridal in Overland Park

Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse

Bridesmaids Dresses: Bill Levkoff

Shoes: Ann Kline

Hair: Katie Welch

Make Up: Mallory Doss

Rings: The Poished Edge

Florist: Hitched KC

Cake: Amy Vincent at Ace’s Cakes

Event Rentals: All Seasons Event Rental

DJ: Marc O’Leary

Cater: Brancatos

KC Wedding Photographer: Sharaya Mauck Photography

2nd Shooter: Jennifer Cuscino (THANK YOU!) 

KC Wedding Photographer

Lisa - Beautiful pictures…beautiful couple 😉

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